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Gramophone Foot

ML picked up this gramophone a while back on the cheap because it was missing a foot. I really like that there are no wires, no cables, no fuss - just good ol' fashioned acoustic amplification. While it's never really been an issue, I was looking for anything that would let me put my new printer to practial use.

This was the very first thing I modeled from scratch and printed. In less than an hour I had measured, modeled, and printed the new part. Freakin' amazing. It probably took longer to purchase, cut, and glue the threaded rod in place.


Orignial part (left) and my printed part (right):




Knowing everything I know now, I would have done a few things differently to up the print quality and print efficiency, and I would like to make a go of really reproducing the grip texture from the original. Even with all that, I consider this is a successful early effort.

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