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iPhone Crib Dock

We had been balancing an old iPhone on the edge of the baby's crib to play kiddo music during the day, and white noise at bedtime. It's been working out ok, but could have been better. Two things that are guaranteed to get me excited:

  1. My wife soliciting a potential 3D printing project

  2. An opportunity to use my digital calipers

First world problems call for first world solutions. I strapped the baby into his carrying pack, took some measurements, modeled the clip under his supervision, and printed a few parts to test fit. It was up and running by bedtime the next day. Holds the charger and acts as a phone dock.

Update: since the baby's been able to pull himself up, the phone has been his number one target, so we've had to relocate it. I'll post the new solution when we have it.

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