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Rob Bilek

I'm a visual artist who makes his living as a video game designer.  While both my passion and profession offer a good mix of creative and technical challenge, they don't satisfy my appetite for either so I try to keep myself busy in other ways.


I believe skill and craftsmanship can be cultivated in any discipline.  From ceramics and printmaking to homebrewing and baking bread, I've always been drawn to anything with a deliberate practice.  For me the process of making is just as important and satisfying as the thing being made.



Moving my family to Northern California from the East Coast forced us to downsize quite a bit, and that has included my vaious projects.  My standing desk began as a compromise between making room for our first child and wanting to maintain a dedicated workspace for myself. Over time it's become a good metaphor for honest work, efficient use of space, and shedding excess belongings - values that extend beyond my 24x36" table top.

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