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Industrial Pipe Shelving

I was chatting with some folks at work the other day about one of my favorite topics - buildin' stuff - and it reminded me of a project from a few years ago.


ML sent me some links for a DIY shelving solution for a small wall in the dining room (back when we were living in our old house), and it looked do-able so I gave it a shot. I sketched it out and spent a good while in the middle of the aisle in the big-box hardware store dry-fitting all the peices. The pipes were a little slick, so I degreased them before applying a matte black finish. I had some cheap pine boards left over from another project, and found a nice process for making my own stain for them.

I orignially intended on having the pipes extend all the way to the floor, but after assembling and test-fitting the shelves into position, it was clear just about everything in this corner of the room was out of square: the floor sloped slighty towards the doorway, which made the radiator look like it was really leaning when two long pipes were dropping plum on either side.

A visit back to the drawing board left me with this floating-bottom solution, which I actually think I like better.

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